End of Another Phase. . .

wide view

As I look out over London City from the tower of the William  Booth College in Denmark Hill, I am on the verge of completing another phase of my sojourn here in London. I have just completed six months of work at the College (it seems my life has been marked in six-monthly periods for a while now). I have worked with some fantastic people and I thank God for the past six months. But one thing is now clear: it is time to spend the next six months getting my business up and running. All my energy needs to go into that now. And as I look out over London, I think what a magnificent view – the sky’s the limit!

tower drop down view

But also, as I look down, for a fleeting moment I wonder what it would be like if the unimaginable happened and one were to free fall from this height. I shudder and refocus my thoughts, and gradually my gaze moves outward and upward again. And there it remains, for that is where dreams lie: in the outward and the upward, as far as your sight can go and even beyond if you are adventurous enough to allow your imagination to take you there!

And so the journey continues . . .

One thought on “End of Another Phase. . .

  1. Hi Joy

    Been able to connect with this as a six month cycle also occured in my life. We are to take each day as it comes and seek doing what we find Joy in doing. There is a time for everything.

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