Appendix II – NATO 2014

Today, I helped to bake bread for the world leaders who gathered for the NATO Summit in Cardiff, Wales. Yes, Alex Gooch Artisan Baker was asked to bake the bread for the event. I told you he was no ‘pyah pyah’ baker! It’s all high profile stuff: the bread had to go to some warehouse first before being delivered to the Summit, just to check there were no bombs hidden or anything like that. There’s nothing to worry about in that way, though. All that is contained in those breads is good, wholesome and organic ingredients, fit for a king. With such good nourishment, they’re bound to come up with some great ideas . . . then again, Rome was never built in a day. But just think, President Obama may well have eaten a bread roll that my hands touched at some point! Now, isn’t that something?


One thought on “Appendix II – NATO 2014

  1. I’m worried fyah with all the paranoia surrounding these people this might be classified information…you may soon find your self the centre of MI5 the FBI investigations for touching the most powerfuls food….n spy fantasies…lol


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