Borough Market

I like diversions and distractions, so some days after my walk across Tower Bridge, I found myself passing through London Bridge Station and it dawned on me that I was quite close to Borough Market. I don’t remember what I read about Borough Market but somehow it grabbed my attention as another stop and smell the roses mmoment.

I diverted out of the station and headed down the street and through the narrow alleyway that opened into the vibrant artsy food space.

Borough Market

Borough Market

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A Frustrating Day

Much to my chargrin, I’m becoming like these Londoners, running around like a chicken with its head cut off! Despite the fact that I heard it said at the Splash of Colour conference I attended recently that life is not an emergency, I sometimes find myself treating it as though it were.

Yesterday was particularly trying. I tackled at least three different tasks, rushing all three, with the end result that I completed none and had this nasty feeling of total unfulfilment at the end of the day. I found myself thinking I may as well have stayed in bed all day and watched TV! Continue reading

The Underground Busker

Life is certainly fast paced in London. Of course, I knew this already.

The first time that I travelled on the Underground after relocating-I discount all other times because on those occasions I was not a ‘Londoner’ but merely a visitor-the first time I travelled on the Underground as a fully fledged, real ‘Londoner’, I was calmly walking along, keeping to the same pace as the throng around me, when suddenly huge sections of that throng broke into a run, surging forward and down the escalators as if their lives depended on it. Continue reading

My Sourdough Journey: Chapter Nineteen – A New Beginning

After my last shift at the bakery, in mid December, I left with a big box containing a variety of loaves. Gillian gave me a lift to the house where I was staying, and I busied myself with final preparations before my driver arrived  at noon to collect me.

So where was I going? I had decided to go to London. London of all places! The big city that in my estimation was devoid of country greenery and fresh air and the kind of truly organic, just round the corner fare that I had grown accustomed to in Hay-on-Wye. Continue reading