Writing West Midands’ National Writers’ Conference 2018: Blogging: I’m Happy to be Alive


The other weekend, I had the privilege of attending the National Writers’ Conference, organized by Writing West Midlands. It was held at Birmingham University. I’d never actually been to that university campus before and we were hosted in the beautiful and well equipped Bramall Music Building. Continue reading

The Underground Busker

Life is certainly fast paced in London. Of course, I knew this already.

The first time that I travelled on the Underground after relocating-I discount all other times because on those occasions I was not a ‘Londoner’ but merely a visitor-the first time I travelled on the Underground as a fully fledged, real ‘Londoner’, I was calmly walking along, keeping to the same pace as the throng around me, when suddenly huge sections of that throng broke into a run, surging forward and down the escalators as if their lives depended on it. Continue reading